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QSHU = Kyushu

We will aim for nationwide deployment at Kyushu outgoing! We will provide support activities from the region and expand the range of support comprehensively from the region. We will tell the excavation, spread and appeal of hidden places and increase interest.

QSHU = Acquisition

We aim to establish a strong community place where people seeking the same gather together. We will meet with QSHUCOIN with enthusiasm for sought-after things or seeking, and aim for becoming powerful!

QSHU = Rescue

We will actively support and rescue disasters! Actively support and celebrate happy things! You can naturally save and celebrate! In order to become such "QSHUCOIN", we will continue our activities!

QSHU = absorption

I will change everyone's thoughts positively to actively absorb opinions and requests, and will act to act and act! We will respond flexibly and will fulfill localism and onsite principles.


◇ We are aiming for revitalization of Japan with the aim of community support through outgoing Kyushu! ◇

Today, tourists to Kyushu are on an increasing trend both domestically and abroad. It is attracting attention as a sightseeing spot, but it is easy to get noticed even in disasters. Earthquakes, eruptions, heavy rains, typhoons and a wide range of damage, the impact on tourism is considered. There are areas where support is difficult to reach due to the inconvenience and depopulation areas, the aging of the population, etc., especially in rural areas, although it is a power to reconstruction through donation money and assistance materials.
Through the activities of the cryptographic currency "QSHUCOIN", I would like to work towards regional development.
First of all, although it is a limited area called Kyushu, this QSHU project is going to move to "QSHUCOIN" distribution from the district, to activate the area and lead to the nationwide deployment in Japan.

◆ Regional support ◆

In addition to community health and welfare and disaster support, it plays a role as "local coin" "local coin" and aims for distribution.

Find a free form of "support"

Tourism aid! Regional support for sponsorship! Activity support!

A formal value-added assistance starting from investment! From the community to change the region! I want to go to Kyushu! I want to live! It was nice to be born! It is a project to raise and raise the value of Kyushu and the value of "QSHUCOIN" as the power of support, all people inside and outside Kyushu can discover the hidden charm.
Through "QSHUCOIN", interest in Kyushu has been raised, and we look forward to your continued warm watch and support in the long term so that it can become a power of Japan's development through nationalization of activities.